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Industry Specific, Tailored Services.

RSTA’s industry-leading services have been tailored and delivered across a number of highly specialised commercial areas. We have experience devising pinpointed and highly strategic security plans for organisations and sites of all shapes and sizes. Here are a few of the areas we specialise in;

Mine site showing open pit mine with haulpack vehicle driving through

Mine Security

All mining operations have their own culture and present unique safety and security concerns. Which means a comprehensive risk mitigation strategy must be created to meet the particular needs of each site. Well-rehearsed emergency procedures and systemic respect and enforcement of rules of conduct are paramount. So is the support of a professional security team. Whether you experience loss by theft, accident, or fire, you pay a very high cost in work disruption, personal injury, site morale, higher insurance premiums and your good reputation.

Secure shipyard showing view of Brisbane in background

Maritime Security

Maritime and Shipyards often present unique challenges in order to maintain safe, secure and compliant environments. Multiple suppliers, moving stock, large inventories and liaison with Customs Officers are but a few challenges to be taken into account. To undertake security risk planning, implementation and delivery requires know-how and attention to detail.

RSTA can assist by providing an end-to-end solution which is robust and worry-free.

ATM & Armed Response

Resource Security and Training Australia offer a range of start of the art services for ATMS. These services include, but are not limited to: Front Line Response, Second Line Response, ATM Repairs, ATM Re-Cashing, ATM or Branch Standby (Alarm Failure), Static Guard Services, Personal Escorts and Property Defence.


Banking Services

Banking collection, deposits, change return and valuable storage can be arranged for your organisation both short and long term. Our organisation performs these services both armed and unarmed to a large array of clients across various industries and we have the necessary insurances, licensed endorsed personnel resources and equipment to complete these tasks.

Corporate Security

Businesses require an ever-increasing amount of security to maintain safe working environments which; limit liability, reduce risk, maintain customer privacy & increase productivity. Organisations underestimate the positive effects a thorough security service can provide. RSTA meets the challenges presented by modern workplaces by utilising industry-leading procedures & respectful, well-trained guards.

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