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Qualified, Reliable and Friendly

As a well-established and trusted brand with state-wide reach across the security industry, our core strength lies in partnering closely with fellow security companies over the long-term.

In conjunction with RSTA, Guards Queensland is able to draw on a large pool of security professionals who meet our stringent requirements.

Security Professionals from Guards Queensland are;

Heavily Screened | Thoroughly Trained | Highly Experienced | Extremely Reliable

Our size and scope is apparent in that several national and international security companies rely exclusively on Guards Queensland to facilitate their security requirements in Queensland. Our commitment to pro-active security solutions, health and safety and staff wellbeing enables us to supply quality security professionals each and every time.

To meet the wider needs of our clients, Guards Queensland ensures that at all time our staff database covers all license functions required within the security industry. This allows us to provide total security solutions to our clients, with a second to none turnaround time. Guards Queensland is an equal opportunity employer and can supply staff of varying diverse backgrounds.

Our Values

“Superior services. Delivered with¬†absolute integrity.”

This means that you can count on us to represent you well to your clients. We supply our staff with generic white or black security uniforms, or can use your uniform if required. Our initial induction gives in-depth coverage to the point that our staff will be representing not only Guards Queensland but your business as well. Guards are briefed deeply on the specifics prior to being despatched to each job.

Guards Queensland Mandatory Induction

At Resource Security and Training Australia we go to extreme lengths to ensure that our staff are the best possible candidates for our clientele.

Staff induction and training is established and enforced from the initial point of employment and each staff member is inducted at each site they work and briefed on all specific requirements. Our purposes cover but are not limited to:

  • Company Policy Induction
  • Employee Code of Conduct
  • Registered Clubs Act
  • Liquor Act 2007
  • Customer Service
  • Confrontation Management
  • Enclosed Lands Act
  • Assaults and Offences Akin
  • Incident Reporting and Report Writing
  • Unarmed Control and Restraining Techniques
  • Public Relations and Customer Relations
  • Communications (verbal & non verbal)
  • Team Building Skills. (Controlled Aggression Exercises)
  • Problem Solving Scenarios
  • Standard Operating Procedures (Opening & Closing Procedures)
  • Club Bi-laws
  • Fire Warden Duties
  • Occupational Health and Safety

Our personnel are trained and experienced in these tasks integrating the roles, systems and accountabilities to provide a greater level of satisfaction.

Interactions and active committee involvement with various Liquor Accords, Alcohol and Licensing Enforcement Command, Local Licensing Police and Local Area Commands along with Office of Liquor Gaming and Racing ensures that our clients are always up to date with the ever changing industry benchmarks and industry standards

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