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Safety & Testing

From our years of experience Resource Security and Training Australia know very few people comprehend the different workplace testing methods available, the limitations of these tests and the implications.

Like all serious businesses, Resource Security and Training Australia identifies that success is determined by how well you prepare, so we offer a complete nationally accredited and affordable Drug and Alcohol Testing service. Our service extends to your premises or ours and is not restricted to office hours. All testing is conducted by specially trained and certified staff and our testing methods are designed to have minimal effects on productivity. All testing is carried out under strict conditions to maintain confidentiality.

All Resource Security and Training Australia testing is screened against adulteration and uncovers tampering to guarantee results.

Reasons To Test

At Resource Security and Training Australia we have established robust internal processes to maintain the privacy, integrity and professionalism of our clients in whatever testing system you choose. Reasons to consider Drug & Alcohol Testing;

  • Accident, near miss, investigation;
  • Blanket screening;
  • Duty of care;
  • Fatigue;
  • Fit for work;
  • Inductions;
  • Pre-employment;
  • Random;

Testing can be performed via saliva or urine and all our testing kits are A/S and accredited by National Association Of Testing Authorities (NATA).

Many of our clients take advantage of our full services security packages and we provide a total solution ensuring their complete satisfaction. We have an exceptional reputation as a leading security solutions organisation and can tailor our services to suit your business and customers alike.

Minimise Risk, Increase Employee Safety

Drug and Alcohol Testing should not be viewed as simply checking a box. The benefits from a rigorous and well implemented Testing Program can be far reaching. An independently run program canĀ have a positive effect on workplace morale, productivity and ultimately profitability. The main benefits for any organisation to consider are;

  • Reduced exposure to unwarranted compensation claims;
  • Increased productivity;
  • Enablement of early intervention for at-risk employees;
  • Improved employee morale;
  • Fatigue reduction;
  • Reduced insurance costs.

For furtherĀ information on our Testing Services or to enquire about the methods we employ, simply fill in the enquiry form on this page, or contact us directly.


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Drug and Alcohol Testing is a serious matter for any organisation and should not be approached lightly. RSTA provide a completely independent service with specific attention to detail paid toward;


  1. Care for the client,
  2. Respect for the individual, and;
  3. Concern for safety.

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